Gentlent PKI Certificate Repository

The Gentlent TrustCert CA, previously TrustCert CA, is our in-house certificate authority used for various technologies around our products. For more related information or other questions, visit our help center.


Root CAs

NamePublic Key TypeFingerprintLinksValid until
Gentlent TrustCert Root CA-3 (.crt)RSA (4096 bits)89:ab:49:65:a9:7a:b5:15:2d:b5:8a:c3:1b:2d:a5:2a:1d:28:f8:adg r eJune 30, 2040

Subordinate CAs

NamePublic Key TypeFingerprintValid until
Gentlent Secure Certificate Authority - G1 (.crt)RSA (4096 bits)dd:19:7f:ec:31:18:75:85:51:21:17:58:8d:9a:23:67:8a:71:97:b4July 9, 2030

Security Standards

Our PKI complies with high standards & requirements, including most of the Microsofts Trusted Root Program Requirements. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact & Incidents

For questions about Gentlent‘s PKI, contact us via our contact form. To report a security incident of any kind, including misuse of certificates, revocation requests and similar, email us at